An Update on What’s to Come

February has mostly been a quite month for me, so I figured I’d post a quick update about what is coming soon. SGMQ #4 is in the works and will basically feature a number of gameplay mechanics from Resident Evil; I have expanded the scope of what to is to be covered in the project and it will be featured as a downloadable .uproject for the community to use, so here is a quick recap of what it will have:

-Player Character (RE style movement)
-Camera (RE style)
-Level Triggers
-Zombie Enemies
-Doors (locked & triggered)
-Pop-up Text (RE style)

I also thought about adding in level streaming to the design of it, but opted out of doing that for now. Oh, and here’s a screenshot of our character that will be used:

Further down the road, I will be looking into XCOM 2 modding. It is an awesome game and I definitely want to contribute to adding new functionality into. Here’s just a short manifesto from a long list of mod ideas I have for it:

*Mod for new mission types:
Brainstorm new mission types that could be added in to the standard ones that currently exist. The first notable idea that comes to mind is creating a wave defence mission type where players start off in a location and have to survive waves of enemies moving toward their position for ‘x’ turns until extraction is available.

*Mod for New Game+:
After beating the game, you would be able to start a new game+ using the exact same roster pool of troops from your last playthrough. Somehow, this would need to be balanced out for it to be more challenging, yet reasonable for allowing colonels and other high stat soldiers be used by players starting off.

*Mod for Simulating Missions:
Just as it sounds, this mod will add a new option to a mission – alongside the launch command – called Simulate. It will put players through the same screen of choosing soldiers/equipment/gear setup like normal when prepping for a mission; the difference is that this feature will allow players to skip actually executing a mission. Success of the mission will be calculated off various factors such as the rank of the soldier, classes used and their relativity to the mission (i.e. were grenadiers used in a mission versus sectopods or other heavy armor units?), abilities of each individual unit (i.e. do troops have good useful abilities such as the sniper’s rupture?), and many other factors that will need to be thought over carefully in order to successfully create such a feature to be implemented into the game in a balanced way. Note, certain story related missions will not be allowed to be simulated such as the end game mission or other story critical missions.

That’s all for now; make it a great day!

One comment

  1. CBGamer

    Nice, I can’t wait till you finish to see how it turns out. Great work so far and I like the idea of SGMQ, I had a similar idea but not quite the same catchy name. Keep it up!

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