Before Dawn Gameplay – 7DRL 2016

I just finished preparing a video to show off my entry for the #7DRL Challenge this year. It is a Rogue-lite Third-Person Shooter set deep beneath the surface underground.

If you are interested in seeing my log I kept for how I developed it, you can take a look at that here:


  1. CBGamer

    Nice work here on this, and I learned about the 7DRL challenge, I might have to participate it in myself LOL. Anyway it’s very good and creative, the only thing missing like you said is the audio. But I have a question for you about the assets you used for this project. If I recall somewhere on here you said early on that you’ll be using free and paid for assets for your projects. My question to you is that for this one did you buy any of the assets you made, were they free, or did you make them yourself. The statues are really cool btw!!! Also nice job on procedural generation for the layout here, I’ve read up on that but I’ve yet to try it myself.

  2. jheard901

    Hi! Most of the assets used in this project are free and gotten from community content provided by Epic Games. The environment is all gotten from the Effects Demo which is a part of Unreal Engine Learning. The player model and animations are obtained from both Mixamo and Epic Game’s Animation Starter Pack, both which are free (Mixamo is subject to change though). The enemy models and animations come from the Infinity Blade: Adversaries pack which is free; it also has a lot of other really cool stuff animated in it like trolls, ogres, and ice giants. The only paid assets used were just the particle effects for impact, firing the weapon, and the torch itself – all which were obtained from the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

    • CBGamer

      Cool, and nice to hear that you’re using Mixamo as well. That tool is wonderful isn’t it? We’re using that for our game as well for the time being. It’s really cool to see what you’ve created from all those different sources into a single project. Sometimes still though I wish I was better at CAD software (and have a commercial license for that software. I refuse to use Blender LOL). And also I’ve seen that Infinity Blades pack but never went into it to see what they have specifically. Keep up the good work man, you have my support!! I also just subscribed earlier today to your site.

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