7DRL 2016

Before Dawn

Hook: Deep below the surface armed with a rifle and mere torch; can you make it out alive?

Description: You awaken to a room of darkness with only a spec of light visible in the distance. You travel towards the light and realize its a burning torch; as you reach for it, you notice the crude appearance of your skin. You further examine the rest of your body and realize… you’re a walking corpse. “This must be a dream, tell me it’s just a dream,” you think to yourself. You proceed through the chasm eventually coming upon a rifle resting in the grips of a rotten body; at least it still has some ammo in it. A strange looking statue is visible ahead; you approach it then feel the ground vibrate beneath you.

Play: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B90pAXmkfgSZQlB0WE9QN3pmeHM/view?usp=sharing
Requirements: Windows (~200MB of RAM)
Discussion: http://forums.roguetemple.com/index.php?topic=4988.0

I’ve finally completed my project for the 7DRL! A rush of relief to see it done in time. However, it is still missing one core aspect of it that I was not able to implement in time: Audio. Aside from that, it has the basic functionality that I was looking to make for it.



Day 0 (starting day and registration)
Spent the majority of my time planning how I would create procedural level generation
since it is something that I have not ever attempted to do with UE4 before.

Day 1
Started implementing procedural level generation to be used for a dungeon
type of game from scratch. Not even sure what type of game it will be yet.

Day 2
Finished making the procedural level generation capability. Decided to scrap plans to
further improve the tool, since I don’t have the time to keep working on it.

Day 3
Spent time planning game idea based around the procedural level generation tool, and
assets I have available. Started implementing UI. Reused some assets for UI from a WIP
community project. Finished main menu UI. Started work on player controller.

Day 4
Clipped features to save time (multiple weapons, pickups, aiming down sight anim). Nearly finished
the player controller completely. Programmed in pickups that modify stats and values.

Day 5
Started work on creating the AI controller; reused some code for AI movement from a past project.
Modified usage of static meshes used with level generation to optimize game performance. Updated
main menu interface, and integrated it into game design. Completed creation of level pieces for
generation and the overall flow of gameplay has been established. Updated player UI and controller.

Day 6
Finished setting up room assets for level generation. Resumed working on AI controller. Finished
programming interactions between player and enemies, AI done as well. Started work on integrating
AI into procedural level generation. Created death sequence for player. Finished integrating the
core features of AI and spawn encounters into game.

Day 7
Created enemy variations. Modified how level and object generation works so I have more control over the
desired results. Updated player controller with more functionality (aiming & reloading). Fixed scene
lighting so it looks somewhat decent. Updated main menu UI Options & Credits. Fixed camera collision
issue. Fixed a random collision bug. Setup the Credits.


Developed for the 7DRL Challenge

The official blog for it: http://7drl.org/
And registration: http://7drl.roguetemple.com/