Dream of Lies


Control the world around you, phasing objects into being and blowing away enemies with your mind.  Figure out the mystery of where you are!

In a nutshell, players control a character in an environment mainly consisting of utilizing stealth and movement mechanics to bypass enemies.  Eventually players gain abilities to be able to confront these threats as they move forward through the game.

Key Features
A side-scrolling Action/RPG game similar to Dark Souls
Developed using Unreal Engine 4, Blueprints, C++, Visual Studio
Player controller and unique movement mechanics
AI combat and patrol behavior
Leveling and stat system
Inventory and gear system
Dialogue, quests, loot table, and NPC interaction system
Melee combat, combat effects, and shooting system
Platforms and waypoint movement
Physics handling mechanic
Menu interfaces, player UI, and vendor system
Saving, checkpoint, and loading system
Custom lucidity game mechanic and upgrade system
Custom traps, switches, and doors system

The Dev Team
Javier Heard – Creative Lead, Lead Programmer
Jeromy Jones – Quality Assurance, Producer
Kyle Eskeets – Level Designer, Game and Balance Design
Christopher Hake – Level Designer, Programmer

Game developed over a period of 12 weeks. All audio and art featured were acquired under free to use licenses.

Full Playthrough

Features a full playthrough of the game done through a standalone execution of the game from the UE4 Editor. Different features of the game are listed at the time they are shown during the playthrough.


Play an early build of the game. There are some bugs you will encounter in the game though.

Game Design Document

The GDD I developed for the game and used as a baseline for creating it.

My Role

Listed are the duties I was responsible for and my overall contributions towards the development of the game.

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