Text-Based Console Game

Created a simple C++ console game this is a discrete simulation of an RPG-like battle encounter. You can check it out here: https://jheard901.wordpress.com/portfolio/text-based-encounter.



Finished Developing a Basic AI Framework for Stealth Games

For the past two weeks I have been working on developing an AI framework to be used for a stealth-based game by Worldgame Entertainment Ltd, a company based out in the UK. It has functionality for guards to travel along predetermined paths, random paths, and stay stationary at a position. The guards themselves patrol an area, investigate suspicious activity, and become alert if they spot the player.

You can check it out here: 


Updates to Portfolio

Made some much needed changes to my portfolio page. It looks at lot more refreshing and organized now compared to how it was before. I added in some new content such as Hearthstone card designs I developed. Additionally, here is a new screenshot of the graphics for the game engine:


I still have a long ways to go before I am done with it though.


Developing a Game Engine

Currently working to develop a game engine. I am using a few API’s to handle important features such as FMOD for audio and DirectX for graphics, but for the most part I am building it from scratch! Right now, I am building a GUI interface to use as an in-game editor. This is what is looks like so far.



Quick GDD Workout

This is a GDD I designed from inception on 11-27-14. So it took me pretty much 5 days to make this. It is a quick idea I came up with that I may or may not develop. There is lots of artwork and prototype examples included to showcase what I had in mind for the game.



Developed a New Game with DirectX

This is the latest game I’ve made with DirectX. If you are interested in these style type of games, give it a look on the youtube page where you can try the game out.


New Prototype for iOS Game

This is still an early look at the iOS game I am working on. Second prototype of it showing off added in objectives and pieces of what is to be an Arcade Mode for the game.


I’ll probably be recreating what bits I have of it so far into UE4 soon.



Just recently made a two player pong game. You can check it out below:


Couple of New Screenshots

I have been really occupied with school work, and have not had as much time to work on my project which I have been encountering quite some challenge in making.  Just posting a couple of new screenshots of progress made. Will have more soon!