iOS Project Prototype

A Top-Down Arcade styled game made specifically for iOS devices. Players control a box character and dodge obstacles while picking up objectives to progress. This is a project I spent about 2-3 months on before I stopped working on it. For those interested, you can view the original GDD for this game as well as a development journal I kept below.

Try It:

The game can only be tried through having an installation of UDK (last tested with August 2014). Provided in this download are all the assets used in the demo shown above; specifically, the config and content folders from within its project directory. I think you can drag and drop these folders into a UDK directory to get it to work. If that does not work, then simply change the relevant files in the config folder and place over the relevant .upk assets individually. From there, you will need to update the iOSArcadeGameInfo.uc file to start the game from the first level. Provided is what the code currently looks like:

//this happens at start of game mode
auto State PendingMatch
Begin: //NOTE, Begin: is a native made state label which is always called at the start of a state //There are other ways to start a state as well
GoToState(‘LevelFive’); //starts off first level //change this to start off at whatever level you want when debugging

Where it says “GoToState(‘LevelFive’)” change that to ‘LevelOne’. After that you should be all set to test the game out! Inside Content->Maps, open the file labeled ClutchMenuMap.udk. Use the mobile previewer with the iPad 4th gen settings, for optimal play experience. You can change other values such as ‘LevelObjectives’ for each level too. Feel free to build on this game and use it if you want, I doubt I will have the time to return to creating it any time soon. Let me know if you do, I would be thrilled to check out a new version of the game or a similar concept to it!

Source Code:

Game Design Documentation:

Development Journal:


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